Turkish terror units are moving on the Kurdish town of Kilis

24 December 2018

It is high time for us all to unite and bury the fascist ideology of Erdogan’s Islamicisation once and for all. Rojava is part of the order of civilisation.

The UN and the UN Security Council must not abandon the Kurdish people but must fulfil their responsibility to protect them rather than turning their backs. The civilised world and international community must not allow barbarism to control Kurdish land and the entire Middle East.

Erdogan of Turkey, Putin of Russia and the Mullahs of Iran are no different from ISIS and they are not welcome in Kurdistan. We have to see clearly where this is going to end.

Turkey’s Erdogan helped to create ISIS and coordinate it directly. Now he is coordinating ISIS under different names and they are operating in Turkish military uniform. This is an overt policy of Islamicisation being enacted in Kurdistan and the Middle East as orchestrated by Erdogan.

The civilised world and international community is facing a crucial moment to bring an end to this irresponsible behaviour by leaders like Erdogan. For the Kurds this is no different to the past. We have always been betrayed by those that claimed to be our allies.

This intended slaughter should not be the Christmas present to the Kurdish people.

We Kurds now have unity and the United States of Kurdistan’s project and a government to work for it.

The world must be certain to see that the Kurdish people will bury Erdogan’s fascist ideology and the filth of ISIS.

In the name of the government of the United States of Kurdistan

Huseyin Baybasin

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