I am from the golden land
Pure golden land
Every side of it
Every part of it
Pure and purity
So much and more
Pure holy is my land
Pure holy

Pure and holy
Sounds familiar to you?
Is that not?
Birthplace of humankind
Base of humanity
Ararat, Cudi, and Shengal
Parts of my land
Start of civilization is Mount Zagros
Birthplace of Abraham and Sara
Haran and Ur cities are their homeland
So is the same land of Noah’s Ark
Where the new life started
As you are all saying so
Pure holy and golden land

This is where I am coming from
My land is occupied by tyranny
So the tyranny needs to be buried
Tyranny will be burned by the wind of my land
By the wind of my land

So come on give us a hand
Just a push
Birthplace of humankind
Pure holy golden land
Where I am coming from
Land of human civilization
So it is your land
That is why this is a special land
My land and yours
No space for tyranny in this land
Pure holy and golden land
Our land is Kurdistan
Pure holy golden land
Time is for everyone to see it
And say so

Biji Kurdistan!

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