We will destroy the evil and build a democratic, civilised state as the United States of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan was divided in 1923 by the British and French-led coalition formed from the First World War. Kurdish land was brutally taken from the Kurds and given to Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey for the interests of the Allies along with Soviet Russia at the time.

Since then, conditions of genocide have been imposed on the Kurdish nation along with practices of cruel tyranny by the central governments of the ruling states supported by the international community.

The entire world and the UN did nothing to stop this tyranny towards the vulnerable Kurdish population, not helping them in any manner.

What  was the crime of the Kurdish nation to be treated with such cruelty? Absolutely nothing.

The Kurds are a nation of people with a traditional heroic character – welcoming and peaceful. But the Kurds have always been betrayed by those who derived benefit from befriending them. Kurdish land has been turned into a base of evil by Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and their masters. Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, Saddam Hussein, Iran’s clerics, the Assad dynasty of Syria, Erdogan of Turkey and their tools, Al-Qaeda,  Al Nusra Front, ISIS and other such terror entities.

The United States of Kurdistan’s project has been established to detroy the evil on the Kurdish lands.

To reach an agreement with vital partners like Israel, the United States of America and those other countries who agree with the USK’s government and their allies’ decisions to redraw the map of the Middle East map and for the Kurds to rule their own country. Nothing less is the aim of the United States of Kurdistan –an aim which is going to be realised no matter who disapproves.


Huseyin Baybasin

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