When I was a little girl I dreamed about peace and stability in Kurdistan. Unfortunately, there was no stability in Kurdistan and that is why I had to move to Europe as a refugee together with my family.

Of course, we hoped that we could return to our own country one day. Even though our country is officially known as Irak, İran, Syria, and Turkey, my people and I call it Kurdistan – our home, our land!

My nation has been going through a lot. There are no enough pens and papers in this world to describe the pain and the sorrow that our nation had to go through by the hands of the occupiers. But that is not the reason I am writing this.

On July 24, 2018, we, as members of and believers in the United States of Kurdistan’s government in exile, laid the first brick to rebuild our home. With the establishment of the United States of Kurdistan, we took the first step towards our homeland. We believe that we will get our occupied country back and will bring the occupiers to justice. Kurdistan will officially be recognized and we will live as free people ones again.

This little Kurdish girl that is standing in front of the Château d’Ouchy hotel in Lausanne on the day of the declaration of the United States of Kurdistan, is my daughter. She is in my eyes a symbol of our government. She will grow like our government and will represent the future and hope.

One day she will share these memories in Kurdistan. She and all our children have the right to live the best life they can have. She is going to talk Kurdish, think Kurdish and live in Kurdistan – everything that her parents and many other Kurds could not do. I know that she does not have to go through the same struggles as I did since a new era has been born with the establishment of the United States of Kurdistan.

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